Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm getting way behind

It's hard for me to understand but I've done an awful lot of physics since I started this blog. Two blogs ago I said something about having some more stuff to post, and the next thing I posted was Quantum Siphoning. That's not what I was planning. It just came up all of a sudden, and it might actually be the solution to the long standing measurement problem, the so-called "collapse of the wave function". So it had to be posted.

But meanwhile a couple of cool problems got left aside. They were the fallout from my flirtation with mini-helium. One problem was the case of two electrons in a potential well. It has a surprising outcome. The other problem is the iso-electronic series of helium. It's also a two-electron problem, and the solution to the simple potential well pointed me in the right direction for the more complicated case. I actually wrote up the isoelectronic series and submitted it to a journal. But I'm still going to post it.

The one other very recent calculation that I haven't put up yet is my thermodynamic argument on how the reaction AgBr ---> Ag + 1/2 Br2 becomes spontaneous in the conditions of photographic exposure. That result led to my discovery of Quantum Siphoning, so I really should post the calculation. I'm getting around to it...

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