Friday, January 20, 2012

Explorer Bad, Firefox Good

I mentioned in some earlier posts that some of my articles were screwed up: not that I had physics mistakes, but that the files seemed to be corrupted. When I clicked on the link, they would show up for a second, and then go blank. I had to take down the articles and repost them.

Yesterday I decided I ought to go through my whole blog, all 84 posts, and make sure they were all working. I was appalled to find about ten of them crashed the site, including some of my best posts with really good search engine exposure. This was very disappointing.

I prepared to delete the bad posts by making backup copies. and then it occured to me to check out discussion groups for possible help. A quick search showed that Google Blogger maintains its own help forum. I posted my problem and within an hour a user named "mspotilas" replied:

Blogger rolled out threaded/two level commenting, and that does not work on Internet Explorer. With Firefox and Chrome you should be able to open the posts with comments.
To make them work on Internet Explorer, too, while waiting for Blogger to fix the bug, you can change in blog's settings your comment form from embedded form to full page or popup. That disables the threaded commenting, and also Internet Explorer will work again.
You can see the exchange here at theBlogger Help Forum . Could it be the browser? I could hardly believe it so I tried the links in Firefox. They all worked! The lesson: Explorer bad, Firefox good.
But there was one puzzling thing: My problem had nothing to do with comment fields. It was just random throughout my posts. Or was it??? I looked through my list of posts again. Son of a gun, if the bad posts weren't all the ones with comments. How could I have missed that? It was 4:00 am when I went through my files, but still...
POSTSCRIPT: I hope Potilas doesn't mind me posting his user profile here. For your information:
(Oh, and he's also got a YouTube channel mostly about classical piano ).


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