Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Physics Retreat

It seems I'm organizing a kind of physics retreat at the Maskwa Wilderness Lodge between Christmas and New Year. If you don't know about Maskwa, the setting is a very cool but primitive lodge not far from Pine Falls, Manitoba, and I'm going to be there for three days from the 28th thru 30th. The theoretical cost for the 3 days is $250 (but that's flexible); we might also be getting some people on a drop-in basis. 

There will be wilderness activities, home-made music, wood-stove cooking, and of course some physics. The idea is that we will be adults who might have taken as much as high school or first-year physics but who still find it interesting. There are fun topics at almost any level, but I usually start with some very cool stuff about orbits and trajectories. It’s pretty much inevitable that sooner or later we end up talking about Schroedinger’s Cat, but I draw the line at String Theory or the Higgs Boson. Anyone tries to bring up that stuff and we’ll make him clean the outhouses. 

We can handle a maximum of 12 participants, so email me, marty(at) if you’re in the area and interested. We’re trying to avoid the classic sausage-fest scenario, but either way it should be fun.

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