Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Visitor from Palestine

I mentioned last week that I had only just learned how Google Blogger provides amazing statistics concerning how many people have looked at your blog. Today I was delighted to note that I have had just this morning my first visitor from the Palestinian Territories. However, I am puzzled that my reports did not show another view for my article about the conflict, "Ten Things We Jews Believe about the Middle East". If you are still with us as I write these words, my friend, I urge you to check it out and please leave a comment.


marty green said...

On second thought, it occurs to me that a reader identified as being from the "Palestinian Territories" could just as easily be a Jew from the settlements. In that case he would be my first Israeli visitor; in either case, welcome to my blog! I will add that I am not down with the widespread demonization of the settlers that you read everywhere. It is true that I criticized the doubling of the settler population which took place between the signing of the Oslo accords and the breakout of the Second Intifada. That is because I distinguish between the pre-Oslo settlements and the post-Oslo. Prior to Oslo I considered the settlements to be an appropriate response to the relentless terror campaign against us: if you're going to bomb our children, we're going to steal your land. Once the Palestinians came to the table and said they were willing to settle (no pun intended), I think we should have stopped expanding the settlements. Our failure to do so is a clear message to the Arabs that we are not serious about peace.

Bill Peter said...

As a physicist who has worked at Los Alamos and Rehovot, I am enjoying your posts. Thanks.